Hope for Nepal

It’s been nearly three months now since the 7.8 earthquake struck the country of Nepal. Media everywhere published the destruction and turmoil that killed over 10,000 people and displaced hundreds of thousands from their homes. Just a short time ago, heritage monuments, the iconic trekking of Mt. Everest, the spiritual and traditional culture, and of course the … More Hope for Nepal

2015 Best In Travel

It’s been a couple of years since I have compiled one of these lists, but I can assure you, I have been doing a lot of traveling in that time and genuinely believe that this selection must be on everyone’s bucket list.  Why? May it be the gastronomic scene, the people, the sheer adventure, or perhaps … More 2015 Best In Travel

Karachi, Pakistan

I googled the world’s most dangerous places to travel and Travel+Leisure’s list popped up on the search results identifying Pakistan as number one. Having just received my visa, which I am sure won’t raise any questions at all while applying for future travel visas processed in other countries, I was well on my way to … More Karachi, Pakistan

Lisbon, Portugal

I hemmed and hawed about writing a blog post on Spain and Portugal as it just seems so frequented by so many… who would read it? Then I threw another rum-soaked-apple in my sangria and thought, who cares, my stories are good and everyone will want to read it! So here you have it… I … More Lisbon, Portugal

Reykjavik, Iceland

Like Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton chasing the outrageous twisters that touched down in parts of America you would have to pay me heaps of money to live in, I decided to take a vacation, in the middle of winter… to Iceland… to chase the Northern Lights. But before venturing off into this vodka-soaked-crazy-idea-of-a-holiday, I … More Reykjavik, Iceland

LiveItUp Uganda

An unexpected course of events transpired this weekend in Uganda. Completely unsure of what to expect, I traveled to the country’s capital for another work presentation. Having been to 9 African countries now, I have some sort of idea what I am going to see and experience and although most people travel to Uganda to … More LiveItUp Uganda

Singapore, Singapore

        My travel throughout Asia is fairly little, however the direction of 2014 seems to have it in the foreground for some great opportunities. My first visit to Asia, I was fortunate enough to travel Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam on an Intrepid Travel trip which aside from bawling my face off in the first few days, … More Singapore, Singapore

Seychelles Island

   When I began in the travel industry, I used to dream of visiting places like Disneyland, Las Vegas, Hawaii… and maybe Paris, London, Rome… and to imagine I feared leaving Lethbridge, Alberta to move to the big city of Calgary at the age of 10. My knowledge of the world would have been through … More Seychelles Island

Mauritius Island

Arriving to the Island of Mauritius, east of Madagascar, the scents of vanilla, coconut, sugar plantations and flowers meet your senses. Wait, did I say vanilla, coconut and sugar plantations… they must make rum here and I bet it’s very tasty! One night in the city of Port Louis, the french colonial buildings painted in … More Mauritius Island

Dublin, Ireland

       Did you know that the word ‘Posh’ came from passengers on the Titanic boarding out of Ireland holding tickets on either the left or right side of the boat? Left side was identified as ‘Port Out’ and the right side, ‘Starboard Home’, which to poor passengers, who would be on the lower decks, would … More Dublin, Ireland

Masai Mara, Kenya

             …Kenya! A weekend in Kenya? I am one lucky Canadian to ever let those words come out of my mouth. That has been a lifelong travel dream since I even began to understand what travel was! I was on a mission after finally confirming all the components from Flights to Kenya, hotel in … More Masai Mara, Kenya

Auschwitz, Poland

Well, it’s certainly not going to make my top 10 travel destinations, and while visiting Warsaw, I was repeatedly reminded by the Polish that by visiting the German concentration camp that was responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of people, they were NOT Polish camps. A six a.m. train departure to Krakow and a brief … More Auschwitz, Poland

Maldives, Viceroy Style

Arriving to the Maldives is just what the doctor ordered. A short four hour flight from the UAE, our plane landed on the island built solely for the International Airport and the Airport Hotel, the HulHule Maldives. Sounds like, smells like and felt a bit like the Hawaiian Aloha welcome mixed with the quaint Caribbean … More Maldives, Viceroy Style

Cape Town, South Africa

             Well, everyone needs to spend three days in an airport over Christmas sometime. Thankfully, Dubai International is pretty state of the art. A last-minute mix up caused our three-month planned journey into the Masai Mara, Kenya to be cancelled and with a few more hiccups to come, we found ourselves compensating the loss … More Cape Town, South Africa